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Zeotrex is the Best Zeolite Liquid formula for quite a few reasons. First of all it uses a highly purified and micronized form of natural zeolite powder (Clinoptilolite Zeolite) that is pharmaceutical grade and then suspended in a natural solution that makes it very easy to use. The exact same type of zeolite (there are different types; some industrial grade because zeolites are such great environmental detoxifiers as well, but you need to get the medical grade micronized type for human consumption).

This is the type of zeolite crystals that are used in Zeotrex. Also, it needs to be purified and ideally from a trusted source to make sure you are getting the best concentration and purity of zeolite you can. You want to improve and protect your health and Zeotrex zeolite liquid can really help. In fact it is the #1 natural supplement that I use and recommend for improving and protecting your health.


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Zeolite Liquid

Zeotrex is the Zeolite Liquid formula that I reach for at the first sign that I feel something coming on (a general weakness feeling, usually means the human body is dealing with a toxin or infection, and your immune system kicks in and takes energy from your brain and muscles to fight off the invading substance or microbial.  Zeotrex doesn’t stop there as it has also added some very beneficial herbs, minerals and natural immunity boosters that make it much more potent.


That’s where zeolites come in, they instantly go to where there is a positively charged substance (heavy metals, cancers, viruses, mold spores) and traps it inside it’s negatively charged honeycomb structure so your body can get rid of it during normal elimination.  Most illnesses thrive in an acidic body, and zeolite is exactly the opposite, an alkaline mineral that attracts by magnetic type ion attraction, stopping the negative effects it was having in your body and restoring your energy and your health naturally. What are the Zeotrex Liquid Zeolite Benefits?


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Liquid Zeolite Benefits

Liquid Zeolite Benefits. The health benefits of liquid zeolite are many and actually quite amazing as well. Zeolite is formed during a volcanic eruption that sends highly mineral rich volcanic ash and lava into the atmosphere. When the volcanic ash hits cooler sea water below, it forms a natural zeolite crystal that has a unique honeycomb shape that is negatively charged and alkaline. This is greatly beneficial because most things that sap your health are positively charged ions like toxins, pathogens, viruses and cancers.


Positively charged ions have an acidic nature and lead to all types of immune problems and chronic health issues. Liquid Zeolites trap these pathogens (things that make you sick) and then allows your body to release them naturally during your daily eliminations. Zeolite helps against most chronic illnesses, even mystery ones like Morgellons, Viruses, Malignant Cancers, and is the Best Radiation Detox and Heavy Metals Detox natural supplement in the world.


Zeolite can get rid of nuclear radiation particles, EMF radiation from cell phones, WiFi devices, Smart Meters, and going through airport scanners. It works against microwave radiation and can help if you need to get X-Rays, Medical Radiation Treatments or Vaccines. I simply would not be caught without it in today’s world. 

Health benefits of Zeolite Liquid:
  • Reverses Radiation Poisoning (x-rays, security scanners, nuclear)
  • Removes Toxic Heavy Metals, Including Mercury, Lead & Aluminum
  • Gets Rid of Environmental Toxins (smoke, cell phone radiation , chemicals, pesticides)
  • Stops Cancers, Viruses, Bacterial Infections and Parasites (smothers and starves them)
  • Arthritis Relief (particularly Rheumatoid Arthritis and Septic Arthritis)
  • Removes Mycotoxins (mold and fungus spores)
  • Restores Lost Energy (from pathogens and heavy metals exposure)
  • Sharpens Your Mind (lifts the brain fog, as heavy metals disrupt your mental functioning) 
  • Helpful for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, Morgellons and “mystery” Diseases
  • Helps with Diabetes Mellitus, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, IBS and other chronic illnesses
  • Increases Bone Formation and Density
  • Increases Red Blood Cells
  • Stops Chronic Diarrhea
  • Natural Chemtrail Flu and Glyphosate Pesticide Protection
  • Natural Immune System Booster (makes invaders visible and supercharges your immune system)
  • Alkaline Effect on the body (Soothes the excess acidity in the body)


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Zeolite Filter

We are being exposed to a high level of toxins now that damage your genes, brain and nervous system, glands and compromises your immune system (can lead to autoimmune diseases.) It is highly important to keep those neurotoxins and immune system killers out of your body, and since they are mostly in tap (and bottled) water, it makes sense to get a Zeolite Filter (a water filter that has zeolite in it!) I highly recommend the pure effect water filters (shown in the image above) because they are the only one that has zeolite in it, and a UV filter that gets all microbes out too!


Your immune system is the only thing that protects you from infectious illness, which is what vaccines are supposed to do but don’t. Instead they actually lower your immune system and add heavy metals and live viruses to your body. Zeolites boost and balance your immune system and and set your body at a healthy slightly alkaline pH level, creating a system of optimal health. 


There are a few good Zeolite Liquid supplements out there now because of the increasing demand of getting rid of all these toxins before they cause chronic disease or illness. I recommend Zeotrex as the best of all of the liquid zeolite formulas by a long-shot! Zeotrex is has some unique benefits because of what else it has in it and the quality of the ingredients too. 


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Best Liquid Zeolite

Zeotrex is the Best Liquid Zeolite because it uses the best the best heavy metal and radiation detox supplements: Organic Zeolite, iodine, organic cilantro, organic parsley, organic alfalfa,  and organic stinging nettle. It also adds the best natural immunity boosters (and cancer preventatives): medicinal mushrooms, shalajit, agaricus and fulvic acid. All in one natural supplement so you don’t have to go and get a bunch of different supplements to be totally protected.


It is what I take now at the first sign of anything, and also as a seasonal detox (I do one round, one bottle, at the change of seasons to make sure to keep my immune system strong, and my brain, organs and body free from heavy metals and radiation and preventing Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. With a viral outbreak happening every year now it seems it is something you can use to protect yourself and family against getting a viral infection like the flu or the corona virus. It can be used as an effective preventative and Treatment for Coronavirus too.


Having some Zeotrex on hand is the best thing you can do to protect you and your family’s health. You don’t have to wait till it hits the fan, but if you do this is what I would have on hand and use immediately.  It’s like peace of mind in a small bottle because of all it does to protect your health, and makes you feel so much better too.


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Zeotrex Reviews

Just read the Zeotrex Reviews. See how other people like yourself are being completely healed from serious illnesses and keeping their bodies healthy by using Zeotrex liquid zeolite. It is helping people be free from cancer, heavy metal exposure, mold infections, fungal infections and viral infections, permanently! 


“Thank you Zeotrex! With just a week taking the product I noticed important changes, I used to be bothered by acidity and after the first week that annoying problem was almost completely gone. Due to my diet I used to have constant diarrhea and stomach aches, and thanks to Zeotrex those are not bothering me anymore. I honestly did not believe that any natural product was going to help in such an effective way.” † ~Edmond

“Better digestion, better rest! A friend of mine suggested Zeotrex which she told me she has been taking for a couple of weeks and she found important improvements on her health. The first thing I noticed was improved digestion and soft and clearer skin, I have also benefited with better rest at night.” † ~Sarah

“Great taste, works well! First, let me say that I love the taste! These drops are delicious (in my opinion). Not that the taste has to do with the effectiveness, but it sure helps. I had no side effects and after a few days I noticed a BIG improvement, it was like a dark cloud lifted. I HIGHLY recommend these drops to anyone who wants to improve their overall mood, sense of well-being and mental clarity. Great stuff! I will be buying these again!” † ~GABMFT


It’s even guaranteed to help you feel better and protect your body as the best body detox you’ve ever tried! If you aren’t absolutely satisfied, you’re protected by our 100% No-Risk 180-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your results, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No questions asked. Just click the Zeotrex liquid zeolite immunity booster and heavy metal detoxifier image below or visit: Zeotrex Detox and Immunity now and protect yourself and family now!


Zeotrex Benefits

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  1. Quickly Removes Heavy Metals from your Brain and Body
  2. Escorts Toxic Chemicals Out of Your Body Safely
  3. Protects Your Thyroid Gland
  4. Boosts Your Immune System
  5. Eliminates Nasty Viruses (HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Covid-19)
  6. Alkalizes Your Whole Body (Reduces Acidity & Inflammation)



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