Fluoride Water Filter

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Fluoride Water Filter

Why you desperately need a water filter good enough to get sodium fluoride out of you and your family's drinking water. You may have discovered that sodium fluoride is being put into the drinking water supply of most tap water districts. It is even in most bottled water as it is hard to remove. You need to get a specific water filter to get it out – a Fluoride Water Filter!


Your medical doctor or non-holistic dentist may have told you that fluoride is good for your teeth, and can prevent cavities. That's what they have been taught by the fluoride sellers who helped fund their education and gave them some financial bonuses for doing so. Are they really selling people out or is it safe like they tells us? Well, The opposite of what they are telling you is actually true.

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Is Fluoride Safe?

Is Fluoride Safe? Sodium Fluoride is one of the most toxic substances on earth! It is there in plan sight on any label, even on toothpaste “call poison control if swallowed.” Fluoride is in many anti-depressant prescription medications, particularly those like Prozac for a reason. They are central nervous system inhibitors that take your normal brain signals and confuse them. 


Fluoride acts like a toxic heavy metal in the human body and has a sedating effect. If you see someone “zoning out” it is commonly referred to as a fluoride stare. Sodium fluoride is the main toxin in rat poisons! It is Not something that is good for you health. And for your teeth? It does not prevent tooth decay in any way, but it does damage and pit your tooth enamel and cause dental fluorisis!


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Fluoride Effects on the Brain

What are the Fluoride effects on the brain and nervous system? Fluoride interferes with your central nervous system and brain directly. It jams up the signals like you're in between stations or just can't connect. Fluoride and Aluminum are the leading culprits in Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's, Huntington's and other chronic brain and nervous system disorders. I confuses brain and nervous system signals so you can't think clearly.


Sodium Fluoride also poisons your immune system so you just can't fight off that infection that you normally could. It is a dangerous industrial waste chemical that clogs up your brain hemisphere connections (pineal gland) so you can't think clearly or solve problems at your best. It is a toxin to all your organs, tissues, central nervous system and particularly your brain!


Do Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

So Do Water Filters Remove Fluoride? The short answer is Yes, but very few water filters can remove fluoride successfully. You need a special fluoride water filter to do it. But is fluoride really that harmful or is fluoride safe in small quantities? Drinking fluoride can lower your IQ by 10 points or more, destroy your healthy intestinal flora (normal gut bacteria), weakens your bones and joints and lead directly to arthritis. 


If you value your brain like I do, then you need to remove the fluoride out of your foods, and drinking water. Getting the right fluoride removing water filter and there are only a couple that do it well.


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Water Filter That Removes Fluoride

Water Filter That Removes Fluoride. There are a couple of good water filters that are powerful enough to remove poisonous sodium fluoride from your drinking water. Don't even think about using simple filters, like Brita, Pur, Zero Water, and most water filter pitcher types as they just don't have the capacity to do it, except Berkey Water Filters. Most can't even remove chlorine, heavy metals, radiation or virus sized microbials. They only mask the smell of chlorine. There are 3 types of water filters that remove fluoride.  Here are the best water filters that remove fluoride that you need to know about:

  • Reverse Osmosis removes fluoride by very tiny nano sized holes that the water must pass through. Fluoride and most harmful heavy metals, microbes and pharmaceuticals are removed by a Reverse Osmosis System (RO).
  • Activated Alumina also removes fluoride, but it also adds aluminum, so it kind of removes one problem and adds another.
  • Bone Char Carbon filters can do the job, and sometimes they are part of a series of filters that is made to specifically remove fluoride. It does have to be replaced more frequently in high fluoride areas, like most metropolitan cities where they get paid money by the chemical makers by adding it to the water supply “for your health.”


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Fluoride Water Filter Reviews

Here are three fluoride removing water filter systems that you should know about. The following water purification filters are powerful enough to get the toxic fluoride out of your drinking water safely and effectively. Here are the three best fluoride water filter reviews:

  • Berkey Water Filter Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems
  • PureEffect Water Filters

They are all similarly priced, so you can just choose the best one for your individual needs. One is portable and the other two are fluoride water purifiers that you need to hook up to a sink faucet or under the sink. They all remove toxic fluoride, heavy metals one the last one even removes radiation!


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Big Berkey Water Filter Review

Berkeys have special fluoride filters that can be added to their stainless steel water filters. The Big Berkey Water Filter Review shows you all the details of how this is the best portable water filter, one of the few that can remove fluoride. They are powerful enough to remove the toxic Sodium Fluoride (with a specialized Berkey fluoride filter that installs in the unit). All of the Berkey Water Filters except the sports bottle and smallest model remove fluoride from your drinking water. The Big Berkey is the small middle sized portable water filter that will last you a lifetime, and has the absolute highest customer satisfaction of all water filters period!


They have a composite Berkey Light Filter that is ultra portable weighing just around 7 pounds, and can be used for get togethers, family outings, table or counter tops or anywhere you need clean drinking water. It is great for outdoor and emergency use, as it requires no electricity or water pressure as it is a gravity filter. Berkey water filters use microfiltration cartridges that filter out 99.99% of microbes (viruses and bacteria, giardia), fluoride, lead,mercury, arsenic and lead — without the use of harmful chemicals or metals. To see the whole line including the fluoride filter cartridges see: Berkey Water Filter Review.


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Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride?

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride? You bet it does! A Reverse Osmosis System is one of the best filtering or water purification methods on the planet. It is one of the few that does remove fluoride and is actually considered the “gold standard” as it removes almost everything it comes in contact with! It can be a little difficult to install, unless you have a plumber or someone who knows basic reverse osmosis installations. They usually come with instructions, some even have video instructions to help make it easier to install and use.


They can have one draw back is that they leave the water acidic, unless they retain the healthy minerals that are in drinking water, like magnesium and calcium, which makes the water taste better and make it more alkaline. They are also not as portable as a Berkey, or as easy to install as a PureEffect water filter, but they are what you use generally for whole house water purification system needs. AquaSana makes a really good Reverse Osmosis Water Filter that is economical, and will remove the fluoride and other chemicals in your drinking water.  To see their fluoride removing water filters visit Aquasana Water Filter Review.


Whichever fluoride filter you choose, you will be protected against a very harmful additive that most people don't even know is in their water. When other people taste your water, you can let them know about why it is so good, and can be one of the healthiest decisions you've ever made concerning your health and performance.


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PureEffect Water Filter Review

Pure Effect Water Filter Review. pure effect water filters are one of the best home filters you can get. It is the one I actually use and is the best alternative to having to install a much more complex Reverse Osmosis Water System. I do have a Big Berkey and absolutely love it because it is portable, but this is the best home filter for permanent use. These are also referred to as a Zeolite Water Filter (lead water filter, radiation water filter) as they use zeolite crystals that remove lead, heavy metals, radiation, and microbials too.


The PureEffect filter has one of the highest fluoride removal ratings (around 99%) for almost any harmful thing that may now be present in your drinking water. They also make your water a healthy alkaline pH which prevents many chronic diseases like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and intestinal disorders! Hook it up to your faucet and you’re done. For more information on all water filters visit Best Water Filter or click on the pure effect water filters image below to get the best fluoride, radiation, heavy metal, toxin and microbial water filter for your home now!


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