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Zeolite Reviews

Welcome to Zeolite Reviews. Zeolite is a nature's best detoxifier and has a host of natural health benefits that you need to know about in our increasingly toxic world. There are lots of different types of natural zeolite formulas that can help you take charge of your health and stay healthy, even when others around you seem to get ill at the first sign of a sneeze or cough. It is a natural antiviral mineral and Natural Treatment for Coronavirus.

Zeolite is an amazing natural crystal mineral that is formed when a volcano erupts and spews hot ash into the air above, and then in mixes with the cooler sea water below. It then hardens into a zeolite crystals that have a unique honeycomb shape that is ionically charged. It attracts toxins like heavy metals (graphene oxide, mercury, thimerosal as well as viruses) by ionic charge (negative charge.)


Natural zeolite powder that has been micronized has very potent anti-microbial properties. It can ward off Coronaviruses like Covid-19, smallpox, chicken pox, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Influenza, measles, mumps and other pathogenic substances. It helps stop tumor growth naturally as well as the side effects of the medical treatment of tumors (radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.


Since heavy metals and malignant microbes are positively charged, zeolite draws them into its structure where it gets trapped. It is then released from your body a short time later during normal daily eliminations. Zeolite reviews shows you the priceless health benefits of zeolite powder and how it transforms your health.

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Benefits of Zeolite

Zeolite reviews the amazing benefits of zeolite, some can even be life saving! Zeolites are primarily a heavy metal chelator and detox agent, with a unique ability to attract, trap, bind and then release heavy metals, environmental toxins, microbials, viruses, mycotoxins (mold, yeast, fungus), tumor cells and especially radiation particles.  

Benefits of Zeolite:
  • #1 Heavy Metals Detox (Safely Removes Mercury, Lead, Cadmium…)
  • Removes Radiation Particles (nuclear, x-rays, security scanners, medical)
  • Detoxes Environmental Toxins (smoke particles, cell phone radiation, chemicals, plastics, pesticides)
  • Stops Tumor Growth (Natural Alkalizing Remedy)
  • Stops Viruses and Parasites (smothers and starves them)
  • Stops Mycotoxins (fungal, and mold spores) 
  • Natural Remedy for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, Morgellons and “mystery” Diseases
  • Relieves Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and IBS
  • Enhances Bone Formation and Red Blood Cells
  • Relieves Chronic Diarrhea
  • Natural Cleanse for Chemtrail Flu and Glyphosate Toxicity 
  • Natural Immunity Booster (makes stealth invaders visible and traps/zaps them)
  • Balances Total Cholesterol (Reduces LDL and VLDL and Boosts Healthy HDL)
  • Alkalizing Effect on Your Whole Body (alkaline effect on body)

Liquid Zeolite Reviews

Zeolite is available in two main forms: Zeolite Liquid and Powdered Zeolite. There are also both environmental usages (nuclear radiation cleanup, animal detox, odor control) and health (detox, immunity boosting, and disease prevention.) Liquid Zeolite Reviews look at the top liquid zeolite formula, what it does best and the cost of the formula. Zetox has the highest zeolite concentration per serving of all liquid zeolite formulas and has become my “go to” liquid zeolite because it works so well. It is not as economical overall as the pure zeolite powder because it is 100% micronized zeolite and nothing else.


See the Zetox liquid zeolite reviews below that are working to protect the heath of those that have learned of its benefits. Take a look at the following table below to see the best liquid zeolite formulas and their price per serving (it can vary by availability and zeolite manufacturer pricing) but these are the most current base prices for zeolite liquid formulas. Click on the image below to get your Zetox liquid zeolite. For the complete liquid zeolite reviews visit: Zetox.

Zeolite LiquidSizePricePrice Per Gram
zetox reviews
      Zetox (Zeolite, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3)
60 ml

60 Servings

$21.99.46 Cents

Per Serving

Zeolite Powder Reviews

Zeolite Powder is the most economical because it is is pure zeolite and nothing else! Liquid zeolites need to be mixed into a carrier substance (water, alcohol, syrup) so it can remain stable and available for human consumption. Zeolite Powder Reviews show you the best powdered zeolite formulas, what they do best and the cost of the formula. The Zeolite Pure is the most economical, but since I live in California or Tennessee because they don't want to sell bulk sizes on those states. I would have to get it shipped to a friend and then forwarded. When I don't want to deal with that I just use the Zeolite Capsules.


You'll see the most popular and recommended pharmaceutical grade micronized powder zeolite reviews. And why they are the best powdered zeolites that are highly purified and meant for human consumption to be taken orally. There are pure powders like Zeolite Pure and also zeolite capsules that make it easy to take. Take a look at the following table below to see the best zeolite powder formulas and their price per serving (it can vary by availability and zeolite manufacturer pricing) but these are the most current base prices for natural zeolite formulas. Click on the image below to order the best zeolite powder today. You can see zeolite testimonials for powdered zeolite at the main page for Zeolite Powder.

Zeolite PureSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
zeolite powder440 Grams$59.99$21.05 +/-


(Free Shipping when you order 3 containers)

.17 Cents Per Gram (w/o shipping) Does not Ship to California
Zeoboost PowderSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
zeoboost90 Grams$29.99

Get 10% Off using code: holistic

$7.00 +/-$.33 Cents Per Gram (w/o shipping) Ships to California
Zeolite ClinoptiloliteSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
Heiltropfen zeolite powder 454 Grams$51.99Free$.16 Per Gram – Ships to California

Zeolite Detox Reviews

Zeolite Detox formulas add specific “helper” herbs, extracts and minerals that work for a specific purpose like boosting natural immunity, healing from tumors or detoxing pesticides, heavy metals or radiation. They can be either powder zeolite or liquid zeolites, sometimes zeolite capsules. Zeolite Detox Reviews look at the top 2 zeolite detox formulas of both types, what they do best and the cost of the formula. The Royal Detox has added detox nutrients and the Destroxin is pure zeolite in capsule form. And they both use very good detox and cleansing nutrients that help zeolite work even better (especially for pesticides and plastics) which are everywhere now!


You'll see the most popular and recommended zeolite reviews for zeolite detox formulas that are working to protect the heath of those that have learned of its benefits. Take a look at the following table below to see the best zeolite detox formulas and their price per serving (it can vary by availability and zeolite manufacturer pricing) but these are the most current base prices for zeolite cleanse detox formulas. Click on the image below for the zeolite detox formula you desire. For complete zeolite detox review and testimonials visit our page here: Royal Detox.

Royal DetoxSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
zeolite detox

 (Zeolite, Chlorella, Cilantro, Spirulina, Apple Pectin, Electrolytes)

90 Capsules

30 Servings


67 Cents

Per Serv

$7.00 +/-$.45 Cents Per Gram (w/o shipping) Ships to California
Destroxin CapsulesSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
 zeolite capsules

(Zeolite Capsules with Natural Vitamin B-12, Calcium)

72 Grams
45 Servings

56 Cents

Per Serving

$7.00 +/-$.33 Cents Per Gram (w/o shipping) Ships to California
Zeoco ZeoliteSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
(Zeolite Capsules with Activated Charcoal)
30 Grams$29.99$8.95 +/-$1.00 Per Gram (w/o shipping) Ships to California

Zeolite Testimonials

Zeolite Testimonials. Here are some zeolite reviews and zeolite testimonials of how it has saved the health of people that have taken liquid zeolite for tumors, and zeolite powder and zeolite detox formulas to heal from real serous conditions. Since I discovered it about 10 years ago, I use it regularly (seasonal detox) and I would not be without it, ever! You can read the zeolite reviews of a few people I personally know that have used zeolite to transform their health. You can read a lot more real reviews by visiting: zeolite testimonials. Your health is too important to be left to chance or medical experimentation!

zeolite testimonials

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zeolite cancer

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zeolite testimonial

zeolite reviews

Where Can I Buy Zeolite Powder? You can get the recommended pharmaceutical grade powdered Micronized Clinoptilolite Zeolite called Zeolite Pure here online at the best prices. It is the highest grade of the 3, however it is not available in the state of California. Zeolite Pure Clinoptilolite Zeolite Powder is #1 for heavy metal (including vaccine detox) and radiation detox (it is 100% therapeutic grade pure micronized zeolite powder.) If you're looking for the most economical and biggest sized, to do a full body detox then use Zeolite Pure (pictured above.)


If you live in California, then you will want the Clinoptilolite Zeolite capsules as bulk sizes are not available in this size in California because of the powerful medical industry here. I get this and get it shipped to a friend, and then forwarded to me because it is such a powerful health protector. If you want to get zeolite powder in capsules then you will want to get the Zeoboost (zeolite detox powder) lowest priced zeolite, or the Zeolite Clinoptilolite Powder Detox which is the second best one but costs more.

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