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If you want to discover How to Treat IBS Naturally, then Esdifan with natural zeolite powder will show you how to cure your IBS once and for all. Esdifan stops your suffering from most forms of intestinal problems like IBS, Crohn's, Celiac's disease or chronic bowel problems. This can be challenging when you want to go out somewhere and have to be tied to a public bathroom or in a huge line when you really can't hold it any longer. 


Esdifan can help stop the madness. It is the very best of natural remedies for IBS because it stops the source of your IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and related symptoms like chronic diarrhea, excessively loose stools, the inability to hold any food in and get the nutrition from it. It does what other medicines can't do – treat the cause and your symptoms go away for good!


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How to Treat IBS Naturally

How to Treat IBS Naturally. IBS is caused by toxins (heavy metals, viruses, parasites, mycotoxins or mold spores, fungal infections, microbes, pesticides, glyphosate toxicity and high acidity.) These wipe out your normal intestinal flora and create a toxic environment for infections to take hold. Esdifan with zeolite powder, is a natural alkaline mineral that is anti microbial, and gets rid of toxins in your gastro-intestinal (GI) tract quickly.  It allows your normal healthy cells to recuperate and encourages the healthy gut bacteria to take over and get you back to health quickly. Health begins in the gut, as you are not what you eat, but what you absorb.


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Natural Treatment for IBS

Esdifan is the best natural treatment for IBS because it stops the cause of your IBS, IBD and chronic diarrhea symptoms quickly and safely. 

How Esdifan Relieves IBS Naturally:

  • Stops Chronic IBS Quickly
  • Removes the Toxins That Are Causing Your IBS Symptoms
  • Gets Rid of Harmful Microbes and Parasites in Your Bowel System
  • Refreshes Your GI Tract, Intestines and Bowels
  • Flushes Away Toxic Heavy Metals That Are Poisoning You from the Inside Out
  • Removes Radiation from Your Body
  • Restores Your Lost Energy and Normal Digestion
  • Allows You to Go Out and Live Again (without a restroom 10 feet away)


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How to Cure Chronic Diarrhea

The first step in learning how to cure chronic diarrhea, is to get the bad stuff out and stop the damage that it has done to your whole gastro-intestinal tract (GI Tract.) The stuff that causes most types of diarrhea; toxins like heavy metals, radiation, pesticides, glyhphosates, GMO residues, viruses, parasites and other microbial infections. Pesticides and eating GMO (genetically engineered foods) cause a whole lot of chronic constipation as well as diarrhea.


They work by making perforations (eating holes) in the intestines of the bugs that eat the plants that are being grown. They are sprayed either directly on the plants (pesticides, glyphosates) or are bred into the plants like GMO's (viruses are used to implant pesticide creating organisms directly within the plant.) That's really bad for human health, because the pesticides and viruses do the same to humans! The puncture holes in your intestines, cause hernias, stomach virus infections as well as poison your whole system.


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Total Body Detox

Frequently doing a Total Body Detox can really help. Using Esdifan with Natural Zeolite Powder is a major way to get rid of the pesticides, toxins and even viruses that cause chronic diarrhea and IBS. Esdifan can also be used with the Total Body Detox kit to get these very harmful poisons out of your body, especially the liver which is your body's master cleaner. It will prevent jaundice nad liver failure from poisoning too.


The Esdifan is specifically made to relieve intestinal problems quickly. It strengthens your intestinal cell walls and causes excess fluids to be released. It then restores your intestinal natural pH balance (alkaline/acid balance.) It's important that you keep your body as alkaline as possible and drink green juices and alkaline water, because excess acid causes most diseases and disrupts how your body absorbs its nutrition.


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Esdifan Reviews

Esdifan Reviews. For a full list of Esdifan with natural zeolite powder reviews, visit: Zeolite Testimonials. Here's what people who used to suffer with IBS, Chronic Diarrhea, Crohn's and Celiac's are saying about Esdifan:

I have been using your product Esdifan for about 3 months now, as a Crohns sufferer I find this product to be better than any drugs I have been prescribed by my GP.I live in United Kingdom and have been ordering the product from an American distributor.Can you tell me if there is a distributor in the UK at present and if so contact details?,

Thank you,


I want to tell you that I've been taking Esdifan for roughly 3 weeks. My IBS-D has changed dramatically. I'm also taking a soluable fiber supplement ( all natural) and the two combined have given me back control of my bowels, with less frequent, sudden urges and firmer stools. I'm sold. I will not allow myself to be without Esdifan from now on. Taking loperamide when I was having bad days led me to itching. I do not know what the repeated loperamide use did to my system, but left me feeling like I had a vaginal yeat infection…. all the time.

But I was desparate to control the loose, sudden, frequent bowel movements so I could LEAVE my house, have a life.So I could shop in stores that don't offer public restrooms,so I could do social activities and not be embarassed by multiple trips to a bathroom, and worrying I wouldn't get there in time. With the Esdifan there are no side effects, no itching ! So curing one problem doesn't lead to another.
THANK you for a GREAT product. As the other testimonials say: You have SAVED my life !!

Marilyn F.


I would just like to comment on what an amazing product Esdifan is. I had a major operation some 5 years ago and had a third of my stomach removed caused by an intestinal stromal tumor. Ever since I have had no end of trouble with diarrhea and had seen many medical doctors and stomach specialists to try and get to the core of this issue, to no avail. It was thought to be a bug caused from the surgery and related to the antibiotic.

To cut a long story short, as I had exhausted all medical areas, I felt I had to look at any alternative medicines, and upon spending a day on the internet, I found your website. I have now used this product on several occasions and I even take the bottle with me when I travel on business to countries such as China, Korea, Thailand etc…

On every occasion, Esdifan has been a life saver. Your product works fast and truly has changed my life. I personally have told many people about this and will continue to tell many more.

I am just about to order another bottle and though I must take to the time to actually let you know how I feel about your product.

Thanks so much

M Lightfoot
New Zealand


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Where To Get Esdifan

Esdifan is your solution for chronic IBS and intestinal problems. Use it now and begin healing and detoxing your body, you'll finally feel the relief you've been looking for all along.

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Esdifan Benefits

  • Ends Chronic Diarrhea Symptoms Fast (usually within an hour)
  • Gets rid of the Toxins that Cause Celiacs, Crohn's, IBS and IBD
  • Removes Heavy Metals metals from Your Body
  • Removes Radiation (EMF, Microwave and Nuclear)
  • Cuts-off Viruses (Stomach, Zika, Flu)
  • Nora Virus (Norovirus) symptom relief
  • Balances your immune system 
  • Alkalizes your whole Body 


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