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Zeolite Powder

Zeolite Powder is nature's most powerful detox mineral on the planet! Zeolite as you can probably tell from the picture above is formed by volcanic ash, liquid magma from hot lava, and silica rich seawater. When they all meet during an eruption, they naturally come together as a zeolite crystal mineral. Zeolites have an amazing structure that looks like a honeycomb and is ionically charged to trap things that are harmful to human health, and then allows your body to safely discharge them through normal daily eliminations. 


Clinoptilolite zeolite powder is finely ground into a micronized zeolite powder that is beneficial for human health and whole body cleansing. It traps things with a positive charge (destructive to health) like radioactive particles, heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic), mycotoxins (mold, yeast, fungus), microbials (viruses and bacteria) and even malignant cancer cells. Zeolite is so good at trapping heavy metals that it has trapped natural aluminum, and is therefore called an aluminosilicate. It uses this natural bound aluminum to trap other heavy metals and toxins and keep it there in the zeolite crystal. It can't be absorbed so is flushed out when you relieve yourself naturally. 


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Zeolite Benefits

Discover how natural zeolite powder can help you avoid getting sick from radiation (which is everywhere nowadays), heavy metals and whatever virus is going around. There are so many zeolite uses and health benefits. Here is a brief list showing you all the Zeolite Benefits:

  • Detoxes Radiation Particles (x-rays, security scanners, nuclear, medical tests)
  • Safely Removes Toxic Heavy Metals (Mercury, Lead, Cadmium & Aluminum)
  • Increases Blood Oxygen Levels in your whole body
  • Removes Environmental Toxins (smoke, cell phone radiation , chemicals, pesticides)
  • Stops Cancerous Tumors (dissolves its outer layer so it is visible to your immune system)
  • Zaps Microbes, Viruses, Bacterial Infections and Parasites (smothers and starves them)
  • Removes Mycotoxins (mold, yeast and fungal infections)
  • Increases Your Energy Levels (mental and physical)
  • Improves Your Mental Capacity (stops the heavy metals from interfering in your nervous system signals) 
  • Boosts Your Metabolic Rate and Nutrient Uptake
  • Helpful for Many Chronic Conditions like Diabetes Mellitus, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s and IBS
  • Natural Immunity Booster (works with your immune system to strengthen and balance it
  • Antioxidant (Stops premature aging)
  • Increases Your Bone Density (and helps muscle mass)
  • Increases Your Cardiovascular Health
  • Quenches Chronic Inflammation (and diseases)
  • Prohibits DNA Cell Mutations (prevents disease and DNA gene damage)
  • Alkaline Effect on the body (Soothes the excess acidity in the body) 

Zeolite has a whole body healing effect and protects every organ in your body, including your brain and immune system.



Zeolite Powder Reviews

Zeolite Powder Reviews. There are quite a few different types of zeolite powders. Some are meant for industrial purposes like waste cleanup (Chernobyl and Fukushima) and others for aquariums, and even odor control. Because it is so good at trapping toxins it has many uses. For health purposes you need a pharmaceutical grade zeolite powder that is micronized so it has more surface area and smaller particle size so it can get radiation particles, heavy metal residues and hiding microbes safely out of your body. To see a full list of zeolite reviews visit: Zeolite Testimonials.  

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Here are the best micronized zeolite powder formulas and their price per serving (it can vary by availability and zeolite manufacturer pricing) but these are the most current base prices for natural zeolite formulas. Click on the image below for the complete zeolite powder information page. 


Zeolite PowderSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
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Zeolite Pure

440 Grams

88 Servings

$59.99$13.75 +/-

.18 Cents

Per Gram


The best by far is Micronized Zeolite Pure. It is pharmaceutical and therapeutic grade pure zeolite to be used for human consumption (and even for your 4 legged friends) and micronized for maximum detoxification and cleansing. Don't use industrial zeolites though because they haven't been ground and cleansed for detoxification.


Use a zeolite pure type formula also called Clinoptilolite. You can see the individual reviews of each type on the powdered zeolite formula pages here: Zeolite Pure and Zeolite Capsules (if you live in California because of state regulations and a powerful cancer industry where they can't sell larger healing sized quantities.)

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